Transplant Immunology Workshop Mumbai

Global Hospitals Mumbai conducted Transplant Immunology workshop on Sunday, January 31, 2016 as an attempt to discuss the current understanding of immune system and ways to modulate the best possible way to achieve good results after transplant.

In the past whenever transplants were attempted they would face a lot of rejection. Medical science then realized that it is the immune system that protects us, is responsible for rejecting the organs. Over the years with better understanding of the immune system and discovery of medicines which could suppress the immune system, transplants became increasingly successful. However, the problem of rejection still persists because the immune suppression that we use is not specific. If it is less, rejection can still occur and if immune suppression is more, infection can occur. The workshop helped the incumbents in understanding the immune system.

Nowadays it is possible to identify an appropriate donor to minimize the risk of rejection. Better immune-genetic compatibility of the donor and recipient has improved the result of transplant. In case a rejection occurs the methods are there to pick up at an early stage and treat promptly before irreversible injury occurs to the transplanted organ. Similarly, what was considered an absolute contraindication before; ABO incompatible transplant; has now become possible. This half-a-day workshop was well appreciated and attended by 70 doctors.