Health Stories

Health Stories

We hope our patient stories inspire you as much as they inspire us

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Ordinary individuals who have overcome some extraordinary circumstances to take control of their own health. These are stories of resilience, perseverance & personal strength. Overcoming odds, adversity and of course challenges of health, these stories ought to inspire  us to look beyond the difficulties because there is always more to our lives than just challenges!

A new lease of life for 82-year old paralytic man.

The Case At 82 most people would give up fighting and take most ailments for granted. Quite unlike this one individual who was brought to...

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Global Hospitals India offers excellence in treatment and care for a wide range of diseases through its multi-specialty capabilities and state of the art infrastructure. The hospital carries out cutting-edge medical procedures and has attained for itself a great reputation for many specialties. Some of the specialties wherein Global Hospitals is the premier facility for treatment and care include the following.

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Every day we strive harder to deliver a great patient experience which is not just the treatment but also your overall experience at  our facilities. Here is what our patients say!

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Hear the stories of individuals who've overcome extraordinary odds to reclaim their health!

Media Experts Speaks


Find official statements and press releases from Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai. Follow us and visit us for our official position, bulle...

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Times News


One way to prevent heart failure is to manage conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes or obesity. Here's e...

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The pioneer


A 24-year-old Mumbai girl who was suffering from a rare and complex congenital heart disease underwent a combined heart and lung transplant at ...

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