Global Hospital, Parel successfully performed a heart transplant using 1st of its kind advanced immunodiagnostic technique

‘The unique technique performed was aimed for excellent outcomes of the surgery and quality of life of the patient post-transplant’

Mumbai, 28th September 2021: Global Hospital at Parel, Mumbai successfully accomplished a heart transplant surgery with the use of 1st of its kind advanced immunodiagnostics technique in a complicated case of Dilated Cardio Myopathy with severe left ventricular dysfunction.

Mr Farid Phansopkar, 31 years old, male visited Global Hospital, Parel, Mumbai three months back suffering from DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) with severe LV (Left ventricular) dysfunction. In Farid’s case, pre-transplant and antibody screening (for three months until transplant) was also done alongside antibody identification. Advanced immunodiagnostic techniques 1st of its kind in Mumbai was performed with an aim for excellent outcomes of the surgery and quality of life of the patient post-transplant.

The donor in this case was a 41 years old Maharashtrian Hindu female and the recipient, a 31 years old Muslim male, tailor by profession; this is a testament to the belief that empathy for others is an intrinsic part of all religions.

Dr. Pravin Kulkarni, Lead Heart Transplant and senior CVTS surgeon, at Global Hospital, Parel, Mumbai performed the surgery successfully. His experience on the case, Dr. Kulkarni shares “A young donor, lesser ischemia time (time between the stopping of the heart at the donor’s end to starting of the heart at recipient’s side), advanced HLA and Flow cytometry cross matches and good nursing care resulted in excellent clinical outcomes. Farid’s post-operative recovery was very smooth due to a good multidisciplinary team effort. Right from the immunosuppression regime, fluid balance, antibiotics and other protocols, I am very happy as some of these patients can have adverse outcomes if one of these is not looked into” mentioned Dr. Pravin Kulkarni, Lead Heart Transplant Surgeon at Global Hospitals, Mumbai.

The clinical outcomes in Farid’s case are outstanding. He was mobilized on the 4th post-operative day and was as good to be discharged on the 9th post-operative day, which generally in case of heart transplant recipients is between 21 – 30 days post-operatively.

Dr Shruti Tapiawala, Consultant Transplant Physician, Global Hospital Parel said that “In Farid’s case pre-transplant and three monthly until transplant, antibody screening and antibody identification were performed. We noted that he had HLA antibodies in his blood prior to transplant which would increase his risk of rejection hence when the organ was offered, a Flowcytometry crossmatch was performed to identify their presence.”

Flow cytometry crossmatch is a highly sensitive crossmatch which identifies low titer antibodies and can guides for the peri-operative immunosuppression. Later a further advanced virtual crossmatch was performed from the patient’s pre transplant blood sample by critically matching the list of the HLA antibodies identified in his blood and the donor HLA Antigens. A careful evaluation of patients’ immunological profile helps to tailor immunosuppression- thus reducing the risk of rejection due to under immunosuppression and infections due to excessive immunosuppression. This would be the first of its kind detailed evaluation done for any heart transplant recipient in Mumbai.

Dr Vivek Talaulikar, CEO, Global Hospital said, “Global Hospital, Parel, Mumbai has been the leader in multi organ transplants in Western India. With so many firsts to our credit in the field of transplants, we are happy that we are once again in the forefront in Transplant Immunology. I am sure this would be the standard for all multi organ transplants in the coming future”

Jehrunisa, Farid’s mother said “The savior of life is the Almighty but Dr. Pravin Kulkarni and entire team at Global, Hospital, Parel were the hands of Almighty for my son. Today seeing Farid in good health that was deteriorating since almost 3 years is very relieving. I am extremely grateful to the donor family because without them this was never possible. I earnestly urge everyone to promote organ donation that will give new lease of life to many and keep your dear one alive in so many lives”