Combined Heart And Lung Transplant At Global Hospital, Mumbai

The pioneer

A 24-year-old Mumbai girl who was suffering from a rare and complex congenital heart disease underwent a combined heart and lung transplant at Global Hospital, Mumbai.

Akshara, a resident of Panvel, Mumbai suffered from ventricular septal defect since childhood and this defect over the years led to Eisenmenger’s syndrome. Although she was managed medically for a very long time, her condition worsened off late, and she had to be put on home-based oxygen therapy. The 24-year-old underwent a combined heart and lung transplant in the month of June, 2019 and is recovering well.

Dr Sandeep Attawar, Director and Chair of the Heart & Lung Program, Gleneagles Global Hospitals said: “The final solution for Eisenmenger’s syndrome is a heart and double lung transplantation. Akshara is one such young girl who wasn’t operated in her childhood. Heart-lung transplantation is a viable treatment option for such patients.”