Dr Praveen Kulkarni

Department: Cardiology

Designation: Senior Consultant

Qualification: MBBS, MD, DM

Dr Praveen Kulkarni is working as Senior Consultant Cardiologist( Invasive & Non – Invasive ) in Global Hospital, Mumbai. He deals with various conditions like congenital heart defects, coronary artery diseases, heart failures, valvular heart diseases etc. Some of the common types of heart conditions that the doctor treats include rheumatic heart disease, hypertensive heart disease, ischemic heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and inflammatory heart disease. He is amongst the first in India to use the revolutionary Bioabsorbable stent in December 2012. As a big proponent of preventive cardiology and healthy lifestyle modification, he has participated in various health initiatives including more than 100 community level talks.

He has performed more than 2000 coronary angiography and percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty with stenting. His past experience includes working as a Senior Consultant Cardiologist at Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai and as a Pool Officer at Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital, New Delhi, where he has undergone 3 years of hands on training in all aspects of cardiology. Across his professional journey, he has performed balloon mitral valvotomy, balloon pulmonary valvotomy, renal angioplasty, pacemakerimplantation among other surgeries.



Senior Consultant, Global Hospital, Parel, Mumbai


  • Complex PTCA’s including LMCA stenting/bifurcation lesions, rota assisted PTCACoronary Artery Diseases
  • Implantable cardiac defibrillator/ Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy devices
  • Peripheral vascular interventions like aortoplasty, subclavain angioplasty, carotid angioplasty
  • Advanced electrophysiology interventions using 3D mapping system
  • Adept in all forms of echocardiography including
  • Congenital heart diseases of newborns, toddlers and adults
  • Stress echo: pharmacological/exercise
  • Trans-Esophageal Echo

Procedures Performed

  • More than 2000 coronary angiographies and Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty with stenting.
  • Balloon mitral valvotomy
  • Balloon pulmonary valvotomy
  • Renal angioplasty
  • Pacemaker implantation
  • Paediatric cath studies
  • Electrophysiological studies and RFA: AH/HV/CSNRT/AVRT/AVNRT.

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