Anaesthesiology: Overview

Surgical procedures require an induced state of unconsciousness, a state of total/partial lack of responsiveness – Anaesthesiology is the branch of medicine that helps achieve, maintain, and reverse such a state such that surgical procedures can be carried out on a patient. Anaesthesia is administered based on the type of surgery that a patient ought to undergo and the extent of pain relief that the patient requires. The methods and manner of reviving the patient post-surgery is an integral part of anaesthesiology.

Why Choose Us?

At the Department of Anaesthesiology, in Global Hospitals Mumbai, we use the most advanced protocols of anaesthesia administration with safety and patient-focus as the key objectives. Staffed with one of the most experienced team of anaesthesiologists our aim is to provide excellent patientcare, adequate pain-relief, and the best post-surgical recovery. This starts from pre-surgical evaluation that preps the patient for the surgery, all the way to post-surgical recovery revival protocols and pain-relief.


At Global Hospitals, Mumbai we delve into patient’s pre-existing ailments, present surgical context, and the post-surgery expectations before arriving at the anaesthesia and pain-relief plan. A complete assessment is carried out of the patient’s preparedness for anaesthesia administration and possible complications are anticipated to avoid extreme contingencies.


For any kind of surgical ailment, some measure of pain-relief and a state of total/partial lack of responsiveness is required. The extent of this is decided by the type of surgery, location of the surgery, state of the patient, and the post-surgical revival protocols. Based on these factors, four types of anaesthetic drugs are commonly prescribed :

  • Local Anaesthesia
  • Sedation
  • Regional Anaesthesia
  • General Anaesthesia

Our Doctors

At Global Hospitals, Mumbai it is our endeavour to make all surgical procedures safe, pain-free, and comfortable for all patients. The doctors at the department of anaesthesiology fully understand this and remain committed to the same. We have one of the most experienced team of anaesthesiologists working round-the-cloud to provide exceptional anaesthetic care to our patients.


Dr Anil Parakh

MBBS, MD, PDCC in Cardiac Anaesthesia

Head of Department

Dr Vaishali Kulkarni



Dr Meera Bhosale



Dr Rohit Deshbhratar

MBBS, DA, DNB, PDCC in Regional Anaesthesia and Acute Pain Management


Consultant Cardiac Anaesthesia

Dr Khushboo Dharmani



Liver Anaesthesia

Dr Harshit R. Chaksota

MBBS, DNB (Anaesthesiology), Fellowship in Liver Transplant Anaesthesia and Critical Care

Consultant - Anaesthesiology

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