Cardiac Anaesthesia

Department of Cardiac Anaesthesia

The use of pain-relief and anaesthesia has been one of the most important development in the field of medial science. It plays a vital role in surgeons being able to perform surgeries. Over the years the field of anaesthesiology has evolved greatly and now branches off into specific fields such as cardiac anaesthesia and others. The department of cardiac anaesthesia deals with the perioperative intensive care and anaesthesia management for patients undergoing various heart procedures.

Why choose us for cardiac care services?

The department of cardiac anaesthesia at Global Hospitals, Mumbai holds the mandate for perioperative intensive care and anaesthesia management for patients undergoing various heart procedures. It involves administering, monitoring, and reviving patients following the surgery; as well as playing a vital role in pain-relief and management following the surgery. We have an excellent team of specialized cardiac anaesthesiologists who remain integral to the planning, execution, and success of all cardiac procedures.

Diagnosis of cardiac disorders

Prior to any surgical procedure, an anaesthesia evaluation is a mandatory step. At Global Hospitals, Mumbai we take additional and specific measures for evaluating patients prior to a cardiac procedure. This includes, checking their vitals, readiness for surgery, any allergies or contra indications and anticipating any possible contingencies that may arise either during or following the surgery.

Treatment for cardiac disorders

The expert panel of cardiac anaesthesiologists at Global Hospitals, Mumbai provide peri and post-operative care for patients undergoing cardiac surgery. Perioperative care includes evaluation for surgery and preparation for surgery, while post-operative care focuses on reviving the patient from the after affects of anaesthesia and pain management.

Our Doctors – Cardiac Anaesthesiologists

Dr Khushboo Dharmani



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