Audiology & Speech Therapy

Department of Audiology & Speech Therapy

The department of Audiology & Speech Therapy helps ascertain hearing & speech-related ailments & disorders and draws up a comprehensive treatment plan to overcome the same. We have a highly skilled & experienced audiologist and speech therapist who assess and treat patients with hearing, balance, language, speech, fluency, voice, communication and swallowing challenges.

Why choose us for hearing & speech-related ailments?

At the Department of Audiology & Speech Therapy, in Global Hospital Mumbai, our experienced audiologists and speech therapists use their expertise to ascertain the causes of a patient’s inability to speak and hear adequately. At times underlying neurological causes may result in oral motor, cognitive-linguistic, swallowing, hearing, speech, and even language disorders, which are comprehensively understood to draw up necessary treatment plans./p>

Diagnosis of hearing & speech-related disorders

At Global Hospital, Mumbai we undertake comprehensive diagnosis of speech and hearing disorders to ascertain the root cause of the same. Firstly, it is important to address hearing loss in new born or young children with delayed speech development; as early identification of pathology of hearing loss helps for the early intervention. In some cases, these could be congenital, neurological or acquired in individuals. Assessment will include physical examination, psychological examination, diagnostics tests, for comprehensive understanding of the condition. Sometimes series of different test and audiological test protocol required to administer on the individual to achieve diagnosis. At the same time speech and language diagnosis can be achieved with series of different diagnostic test, which can help to plan the treatment and justify the prognosis.

Treatment for hearing & speech-related disorders

Treatment for hearing and speech ailments are determined by the underlying causes of the same. Using a combination of clinical procedures and advanced technological impetus, doctors seek to provide comprehensive and long-term treatment plans for all hearing and speech ailments. For hearing loss; hearing aids and implants are a very viable treatment option, which speech impediments could require long term work with a speech therapist and an articulation specialist for the best outcomes.

Our Doctors – Audiologists/Speech therapists

At Global Hospital, Mumbai our team of experienced and qualified audiologists and speech therapists undertake all kinds of hearing tests and speech analysis to adequately understand and accurately treat hearing and speech conditions. Assisted by a dedicated nursing team and specialists, the team deploys state-of-the-art technology to ensure that you receive the most advanced and adequate treatment for your condition.

Piyush Gujarathi


Consultant Audiologist and Speech Therapist

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