Department of Non-Invasive Cardiology

Our changing lifestyle patterns have had a huge impact on our health, and this is acutely visible for cardiac health. And therefore, at Global Hospital, Mumbai the fundamental approach to cardiac treatment is to do so with an impetus on the lifestyle changes for the individual. The department of non-invasive cardiology focuses on clinical and non-surgical interventions to manage, improve, and alter cardiac conditions for the patients.

Why choose us for cardiac related conditions?

We are one of India’s best cardiology hospital with a proven track record of delivering excellent patient experience & patient outcomes for those suffering from cardiac conditions. Our expert panel of doctors deliver excellent treatment & care for a wide range of cardiac diseases and do so with an emphasis on helping the patient regain his/her quality of life.

The salient features of the department of non-invasive cardiology at Global Hospitals, Mumbai include:

  • Expert panel of cardiologists
  • Excellent protocols for cardiac care
  • Experienced team of nurses & support staff

Diagnosis of Heart Disorders

At Global Hospitals, Mumbai we delve into patient’s lifestyle & health history to arrive at a cardiac profile that aids in the accurate diagnosis of heart conditions. The heart conditions are identified without the use of needles or procedures such as aspirations – which involves invasion into the patient’s body. The diagnostic methods employed for detection of heart diseases involves:

  • ECH, Holter monitoring
  • Echocardiography
  • Ambulatory BP Monitoring
  • Stress tests
  • CT Scan, Cardiac MRI

Treatment of Heart Disorders

Global Hospital, Mumbai focuses on lifestyle changes for both prevention and management of heart diseases. Some of the lifestyle changes prescribed would be

  • Avoiding sedentary lifestyle
  • Eating healthy and balanced diet
  • Avoiding excessive drinking & smoking
  • A regular & adequate exercise routine

Our Doctors – Cardiologists/Heart Specialists

At Global Hospitals, Mumbai we understand that each patient presents a unique set of symptoms and factors, causing heart conditions. Thus, our team provides an individual diagnosis and personalized plan of care based on their years of experience in treating everything from routine the routine cardiac conditions to the most complex ones.

Dr Chetan Shah



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