Department of Dermatology

Each one of us have an inherent desire to put forth our best appearance, and thus, external appearances are an important facet of our self-esteem and confidence. The department dermatology at Global Hospitals, Mumbai specializes in the study of skin and treating skin-related diseases and pathology – thereby helping patients with skin and hair ailments, blemishes and/or other skin disorders.

Why choose us for Skin Care Services?

The Department of Dermatology at Global Hospitals, Mumbai offers excellent treatment and care for a wide range of skin disorders. We have an excellent team of doctors who are expert in diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. Our Senior Doctors are well known skin diagnosticians of national repute and has also authored many books including those on treatment of skin diseases. We remain committed to holistic and comprehensive treatment for our patients and feel that correct diagnosis is key to successful treatment of skin disease.

Diagnosis for Skin related Diseases and Conditions

In addition to personalized case history and a physical state examination, we conduct a comprehensive set of tests at Global Hospitals, Mumbai to accurately diagnose skin, hair and nail . Some of the commonly employed tests include:

  • Wood Light Test: Black Light or Wood Light diagnosis is most commonly used to identify any white spots (leukoderma) or superficial bacterial or fungal infections in the skin.
  • Biopsy: This is the most important investigation for correct diagnosis in dermatology and correlation of biopsy findings with physical examination of the skin is the gold standard for diagnosis of skin, hair and nail diseases. Our senior Doctors have taken special training in interpretation of biopsy specimens.
  • Well equipped laboratory back-up at Global Hospital provides reliable support for management of allergic and autoimmune skin diseases.

Treatment for Skin related Diseases and Conditions

We at Global Hospitals in Mumbai, department of dermatology offer comprehensive treatment and care for all skin related ailments. These includes all types of skin allergies of all types including urticaria and eczemas as well as autoimmune skin ailments like psoriasis, vitiligo (leukoderma), lichen planus, pemphigus and alopecia areata to name a few.

Our Doctors – Skin Specialists/Dermatologists

From treating the frequent skin issues to the rarest dermatological problems, our centre is amongst the best hospital for the treatment of skin diseases with the best skin specialist in Mumbai.

With the support of some of the best skin specialists in Mumbai, we are amongst the top-rated best hospital for the treatment of skin conditions in Mumbai. With a well-equipped infrastructure and excellent staff, we are geared to offer the latest treatment options at budget-friendly pricing.

Supporting a short hospital stay, quick recovery, affordable treatment possibilities, and round-the-clock pharmaceutical services, our skin specialists in Mumbai at Global Hospitals will take care of your skin effectively. Experience quality medical supervision of your skin problem and personalized treatment plan at our hospital.

Dr Uday Khopkar

MBBS, DVD, MD, DNB, Fellowship in Dermatopathology


Dr Ameet Valia

MBBS, Diploma in Dermatology, MD


Dr Mahesh Patil: Best Dermatologist | Doctors & Surgeon Image | Global Hospitals Mumbai
Dr Mahesh Patil



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