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A heart transplant is also known as cardiac transplantation and is carried out when a person faces heart failure or severe artery diseases. It is performed when all the other treatments and procedures have failed to provide a satisfactory cure. Hence, it is mandatory to choose one of the best hospitals for heart transplant surgery as they would have a team of best heart transplant doctors, surgeons and integrated team.

In a heart transplant, the defective heart is removed, and a new healthy heart from an organ donor is placed in the patient.  The heart transplant surgeon a small incision using surgical instruments. A small tube is passed to get the image of the internal organs and is displayed on a TV screen. The heart transplant usually comprises of three necessary steps, namely Endoscopy, Upper Endoscopy, and Laparoscopy.

The heart transplant is an elaborate procedure and must be done under the guidance of the best heart transplant specialists. To get effective treatment by experienced doctors, one must choose the best hospital for a heart transplant surgery. Global Hospitals, Mumbai is one of the reliable and best hospital for a heart transplant in Mumbai. We offer the best doctors, treatment, facilities, and infrastructure.

Why Choose Gleneagles Global Hospitals for Heart Transplantation Services?

One of the best heart transplant hospital in Mumbai is Global Hospitals, situated in Parel. This hospital is considered best for heart failure patients as they offer safe, reliable, and effective heart transplant surgery.

Reasons to choose Global Hospital, one of the best hospitals for heart transplant surgery in Mumbai are:

  • Infrastructure: Our hospital offers clean rooms, well-equipped ICU rooms, and state-of-the-art latest technologies.
  • Doctors: We house some of the best heart transplant surgeons in Mumbai who are qualified and hold years of experience, assuring nothing less than the best treatment.
  • Proper treatment and care: We have amongst the best heart transplant doctors in Mumbai who dedicate their time and complete efforts to treat the patients completely. 
  • Advanced technology: The reason why our hospital ranks under the list of the best hospital for a heart transplant in Mumbai is that we have combined the latest technology and advanced equipment along with experience to give our patients the best possible treatment. 

Diagnosis of Heart conditions

What are the different technological advancements in heart transplant?

A proper and elaborate diagnosis is necessary to understand the condition of the patient’s body. The diagnosis process mainly consists of numerous tests and analysis before finding the exact disease and finalizing the cure.

In heart transplant diagnosis, the patient has to undergo several tests, which include physical examination, various blood tests, and heart biopsy. The medical history of the heart patient is also analysed. Heart failure is a severe health issue, and correct and elaborate diagnosis procedures will help the doctor understand the situation of the patient’s heart better.

  • LVAD: LVAD (left ventricular assist device) is utilized for patients who are in the end-stage of heart failure. It is a mechanical circulatory support device that is used to pump blood to the entire body from the left ventricle. This device is implanted inside the patient through surgery.
  • RVAD: RVAD (right ventricular assist device) is used to pump blood to the lungs through the right ventricle. The right ventricle delivers blood to the lungs from the heart. If the right side is not working precisely, then RVAD (receives power from the battery) is fitted into the patient’s body.
  • BiVAD: BiVAD (Bi-ventricular assist device) is implanted in patients who are experiencing heart failure in both the left and right chambers of the heart. This device is operated using a battery. BiVAD is a combination of LVAD and RVAD and does the work of both delivers blood to the body and lungs. 

Treatment of Heart Failure

Global Hospitals is one of the best hospitals as we house some of the best heart transplant specialists in Mumbai.

How do you know that you need a transplant?
When any one of these, heart valves, heart muscles, or lung tissues are diseased permanently. If no other treatment or medications is providing a satisfactory cure, it is time to opt for a transplant.

What is the Gleneagles Global heart transplant program?
Global Hospitals is one of the best hospitals for a heart transplant in Mumbai as it offers an excellent heart transplant program. The program comprises everything, starting from educating the patient about the need for a heart transplant to various tests, treatment, and finally, an effective cure.

How will a transplant surgery save my life?
Heart failure (right chamber or left chamber or both) will result in the person facing severe troubles. The heart is one of the vital organs, and it is necessary to keep it healthy. In the case of heart failure, the person is advised to go through a heart transplant to save his (or her) life. It is a serious surgery, and the person must be healthy to undergo it.

Is heart transplant surgery very complicated?
To undergo the procedure, the patient must be healthy and stable. Some patients require a couple of days, whereas some need a few weeks to get cured and start their day-to-day activity. Heart transplant surgery is a crucial process and requires the utmost care. Global Hospitals is considered one of the best hospitals for heart transplant surgery in Mumbai as we take complete care of the patient before and after the surgery.

How long can the heart be stored in transit?
For the new organ (heart) to be healthy and function properly inside the new host, it must not be preserved for more than four to six hours. A time period longer than this can cause severe damage to the heart transplant patient.

What is the life expectancy of a heart transplant recipient?
Nobody can accurately tell you how long you can survive. But the life expectancy can be controlled by various factors like how well did the patient responds to the surgery, how it is post-surgery care, are the medications proper, etc. Around 65-70% of the patients survive for more than five years after the transplant.

How is the donor heart preserved during transplant?
The heart is placed inside a sterile bag which has a preservation solution. This bag is covered with numerous sterile and insulating materials. Finally, the entire bag is kept in a hygienic container and then transported.

For how long will I be hospitalized after the transplant?
The answer to this depends entirely on the health condition of the patient, the care that they have taken, and their will to recover. On average, the hospitalization period lies somewhere between 10-15 days. 

Do I have to stay near the hospital after transplant?
Yes, as there will be follow-ups for the following three-six weeks after the surgery. Staying close by will be beneficial to the patients.

Will I experience pain after surgery?
A patient would not feel excruciating pain. But due to incision, the patient may feel discomfort and pain. To overcome this, the best heart transplant surgeon in Mumbai offer pain medications and put the patient on a proper schedule comprising of a healthy diet and mild exercise.
What do I do if I feel unwell after a heart transplant?
Take your medications, eat right, and maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid falling sick after surgery. If you feel any pain, discomfort, or face any issues, our doctors would be anytime ready to give you a helping hand.
What are the necessary dietary changes following a transplant?
A few dietary changes are required to keep your new heart-healthy. Decrease the consumption of sodium and fluids. Cut off calorie-rich food from your diet to avoid weight gain.

How soon after a heart transplant can I return to work?
The answer to this question depends on two significant factors, how healthy are you after the surgery, and what kind of work you do. After the surgery, the physician will monitor your health status and advise you on the time period, after which you can start your work.
Can I see a dentist after heart failure treatment?
Undoubtedly, maintaining good dental hygiene will help in avoiding infection and fungal diseases.

Will I be able to have children after a heart transplant? 
Yes, but the pregnancy must be planned under the guidance of heart surgeons and gynaecologists.

Can I travel internationally after the transplant?
Traveling is an exertive activity. After the transplant, the patient is advised to rest for a few weeks. If the patient wishes to travel, they must take precautions and extreme care. Consult doctors at Global Hospitals as they are the best heart transplant doctors in Mumbai. Discuss your itinerary with the doctor and pay heed to the advice and prescriptions. 

What can I do to keep my new heart healthy?
It is mandatory to keep your new heart, fit, and healthy. Proper and timely medication, healthy food, and mild exercise will help you to keep your new heart safe.

What will my scars look like?
The scar after the surgery is present in the centre of the chest. In the initial stage, just after surgery, it would be prominent, whereas, after a few months, it will reduce to a thin line.

What is the mission of the heart transplant program at Gleneagles Global hospital?
The primary mission of our hospital is to provide extensive care and effective treatment for heart failure patients.

Who constitutes a heart transplant team?
At Global Hospitals, the team comprises of best heart transplant surgeon in Mumbai and highly-trained and efficient paramedical staff. The team includes – cardiologists, intensivists, anaesthetist, heart transplant surgeons, heart transplant co-coordinators, nurses, care managers, physiotherapist, dietitians and other clinicians will work together to manage your care at every stage.

Our Doctors – Heart Specialists

The Heart Transplant Program at Global Hospitals, Mumbai brings together some of the best and most experienced heart transplant surgeons in the country. Global Hospitals in Parel (Mumbai) ranks in the list of the best hospitals for a heart transplant in Mumbai as have some of the best and highly qualified team of heart transplant surgeons and doctors. Along with excellent infrastructure, the hospital offers effective heart transplant treatment and surgery and is hence considered one of the best hospitals for the treatment of heart failure in Mumbai.

They have the expertise and specialized skills, dealing with end-stage heart failure. A thorough investigation is the first step of effective cardiac care and heart transplant procedure. This helps ascertain the possibility of a successful heart transplant and if the patient is physically and mentally fit to undergo the rigors of a heart transplant surgery. Following the tests and analysis, the heart transplant team will help the patient and caregivers understand the process of the heart transplant surgery. The team includes – cardiologists, intensivists, anaesthetist, heart transplant surgeons, heart transplant co-coordinators, nurses, care managers, physiotherapist, dietitians and other clinicians will work together to manage your care at every stage. The process involves waiting and preparation period, the transplant surgery and post-transplant rehabilitation. Our team remains dedicated and committed to bringing you a full and productive life post heart transplantation.

Our team of doctors or surgeons are committed to the patients and utilize their experience and technology to come up with the best possible solution. Our doctors are an integral part of the hospital and this makes it one of the best hospitals for heart transplant surgery in Mumbai.

Dr Chandrashekhar Kulkarni


Senior Consultant Program Lead - Heart & Lung Transplant


What is the cost of Heart Transplant in Mumbai?

The heart transplant cost in Mumbai is subject to the location, surgeon, and the patient’s health. Along with pre-and post-operative care and medications. Each hospital has its own procedure and pricing structure, so it is important to investigate each one thoroughly. Before making a decision, it is important to consider all of the factors that will affect the cost.

Which is the best heart transplant hospital in India?

The best heart transplant hospital in India must be determined based on a personal assessment of a number of variables, including the facility’s infrastructure, the medical staff’s level of experience, success rates, patient testimonials, and overall quality of care. But there are a number of hospitals in India that are well-known for their capabilities in cardiac care and have successfully carried out heart transplant surgeries.

How much can a heart transplant cost in India?

The heart transplant surgery cost in India is entirely dependent on the hospital, the surgeon, the location, and the patient’s health. To find the best course of action for your unique situation, it is crucial to research numerous hospitals and clinics, compare their prices and levels of care, and speak with medical experts before signing for any heart transplantation.

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