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Infectious Diseases Services

Infectious diseases is a super speciality subject which is a very important branch in the Western World and in India we have very few hand countable Infectious Diseases Consultants. We at Global Hospitals have this important Infectious Diseases services available as Super Speciality.

An infectious disease (ID) specialist is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases caused by micro-organisms, including bacteria, viruses (such as HIV and hepatitis), fungi and parasites. Known as ‘medical detectives’, ID specialists solve complicated cases by identifying the causes of infection and the most effective treatment. They often work alongside general internists and paediatricians as well as other medical and surgical specialists, lending their expertise to the treatment of infections in major organ systems (e.g. Cardiovascular system, Central Nervous System, Circulatory system, etc.).

Why choose us as the best hospital for Infectious Diseases Services?

Infectious Disease Specialist apart from having expertise in contagious diseases like Tuberculosis, Measles have a very important role to play in getting to the core of diagnosis in patients with Fever of unknown origin, correlating with microbiological reports and trying to reach to the conclusion of the unidentified fever.

It also deals with ICU Infections, Transplant Infections, HIV Infections and Infections in Immune-Compromised patients which is a speciality on its own. 

This branch after getting to the core diagnosis helps to give the correct choice of antibiotics or other antimicrobial agents which is very important for the recovery of the patient.

It also deals with guidelines for Adult vaccination for healthy patients and also to patients having comorbid conditions like Diabetes, Kidney Liver diseases etc. to prevent infections.

ID specialists have the expertise to quickly identify and treat potentially life threatening infections. In Hospital settings, ID specialists are frequently called for consultations of patients with severe infections such as meningitis or Clostridium difficile because these patients tend to have better outcomes when seen early by an ID specialist. ID specialists also play an important role in overseeing transitions of care from the hospital to the community.

A team of infectious disease experts work round the clock to deliver the best consultation and care to the patients. Education, awareness and prevention is also one of the primary objectives of the department.

Infectious diseases are the second leading cause of death worldwide and ID specialists are on the cutting edge of some of the hottest topics in medicine today – from the growing threat posed by antibiotic resistance, to global health problems such as Tuberculosis and Malaria, to emerging infections such as COVID-19, Pandemic Influenza or Zika Virus.

ID specialists play a critical role in the treatment and prevention of infections by managing appropriate antibiotic choice, duration of therapy, route of delivery, and adverse drug reactions. ID specialists are commonly called upon in major public health crises or outbreaks, during which their role is to educate the public, define treatment, and help halt the spread of rapidly communicable illnesses. Diseases that used to have high morbidity and mortality rates, such as Polio, Small Pox, Measles, Influenza, Mumps and Rubella have been significantly curtailed or eradicated thanks to traditional ID strategies of surveillance and immunization.

With an emphasis on optimizing health system performance, ID specialists can be expected to take on a greater role in the context of health care reform. In hospitals and health care systems, ID specialists often oversee infection control (e.g. preventing health care-associated infections), antibiotic stewardship, use of diagnostic tests, radiology services, micro lab services and hazardous waste management.

Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases

The department of infectious diseases at Global Hospitals, Mumbai undertakes extensive diagnosis to ascertain the type of infection, and the underlying causes associated with it. A blood test is a good-to diagnostic method for identifying infections, additionally the doctor may prescribe other investigations should it be necessary.

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Dr Wasim Khot

MBBS, MD (Medicine), DM (Infectious Diseases)


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